Automated Accounting and Bookkeeping

We will set up your automated accounting system and will provide advice and guidance to a successful business. Our clients typically come from e-commerce and software industries where accounting process automation is highly valued.

Our preferred accounting software is Zoho Books as it is flexible, fast and good value. It’s usefulness can be leveraged using the Zoho suite of applications. SumAccountants is listed as a Zoho Books Advisor by Zoho while we also have experience with QuickBooks OnlineXero and WaveApps.

In order to automate the accounting process we write our own bespoke code in python to connect the applications to your accounting software through APIs. For example, we can extract sales data from Shopify and input it into Zoho automatically, without being restricted by the limitations of off-the-shelf apps. These scripts are always on, running securely in the cloud using pythonanywhere.